Neck Knives

I made these neck knives out of left over metal laying around from other projects.  They vary in metal type and thickness. Two of them are made with 5/32-inch and 3/16-inch O1 tool steel, one from 5/32-inch A2 tool steel, and one from 5/32-inch Alabama Damascus with their “buckshot” pattern. 

This is the first time I tried to do an acid etch with a stone washed finish on a knife.  There are some things I will do differently the next time I use this type of finish, but overall I was pleased with the results.  The next five or six neck knives will probably be made with Damascus steel.

These neck knives were a gift for three men who I had been in a discipleship group with.  We met once every week for a year and a half and became very close friends during this time.  I wanted to give them something that I made that came from the sincerity of my heart.