6-Inch Knives

This is my personal knife.  I am very pleased with the way it turned out overall.  When I made the 7.5-inch test knife, I found there were some things in the design that I didn’t really like as much as I thought I would.  This knife is the product of the design adjustments that I wanted to make.  I am sure I will tweak the design even more with future builds of this profile.

The blade is a little over 6 inches long, and the edge is a little under 6 inches long. This knife is made with 3/16-inch 8670 steel.  It has orange and black G10 handles, blue G10 liners, and loveless bolts securing the handle scales.  I put a tiger striped acid etched finish on it.  The sheath has a battleship grey skull pattern Kydex on the front, a solid orange Kydex on the back, and a Tek-Lok clip for attaching it to my belt or backpack.

I carry this knife with me everyday in my EDC bag.  These pictures were taken after a lot of use, so there are some visible scratches on it.  The finish is holding up well considering all the wood, cardboard, and various other materials I cut with it through normal everyday use.

The edge is holding up very well!  I have not had to resharpen this one with stones yet…At least not as of the time I am writing this…I have only stropped it 10 times on each side once and it was back to shaving hair…although not as well as when I first put the edge on it, but still…it will shave!