4-Inch Knives

A friend commissioned me to make him a knife for skinning animals.  He wanted the handle to be about the same width as the blade and for the blade to be around 4 inches in length.  This is the design I created.  I used 5/32 O1 tool steel for the build and heat treated it to a hardness of 61-62 HRC.  This knife has black micarta handle scales, 3/16-inch carbon fiber handle pins, and red 1/8-inch G10 pins.  The finish is acid etched and stonewashed.  The bevels are flat ground, and the edge is sharpened at a 20 degree angle (40 degree inclusive angle).  I purposefully left this knife thick behind the point and edge so that it can be used aggressively without breaking if needed .  Even though I kept it thick, this knife still came out extremely sharp!  The sheath is black kydex with a small size tek-lok for attaching it to your belt or gear.

The customer has named it “The Mule Skinner”.